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自作自受 Ps. It would serve you right if you lost your money without listening to me. 你要是不听我的话丢了钱,那可是自作自受。

serve one right 英[sə:v wʌn rait]美[sɚv wʌn raɪt] 释义 活该 网络 罪有应得 1 One recent musing, predicted that President Obama will serve only one term of office before being replaced by a candidate from...

serve sb right 给某人应得的报应

把这么严肃的问题交给一个游戏人生的人,是我自己活该。 serve ...right 活该

他自作自受./他罪有应得./他活该. serve 是“服务”的意思,这里用法相当于“treat" (对待)

be right for sb 对于某人来说是正确/合适的。 The T-shirt is right for him. 这件T恤很适合他穿。 The job is right for him. 这项工作很适合他。 The choice is right for him. 他做出了正确的选择。

never serve your self while the dish is on your right ,it is turn of your neighbor

我不去了。 Does it serve your purpose? 对你有用吗? I don't care. ...占线。 My hands are full right now. 我现在很忙。 Can you dig it? 你...

这是一些软件开发者没预料到的数据造成的错误。 百度 sql注入

Do you see right thereHere's to you and me,...And allow me to serve youThis break up on the...That you would break your own heartIn the end...


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